Rain and Update

The Job Hunt continues. After a brief and unsatisfying stint as a Fine Dining hostess, I came to the realization that the world of Japanese Wagyu steak, with all of its delicate, imported marbling, is not for me. I learned a few things about the inside of a fine dining establishment, but most importantly I learned that hostessing is 60% performance, 30% organizational skills, and 20% standing at the entrance being bored. That is 110% effort right there.

The truth is that I probably would have stuck it out longer, but I already have this gig at Sexy Pizza, and honestly apart from the management problems and overall “downhill business” atmosphere, it does fit me quite well. I have seniority already, I like the people, I like the flexibility, I like the actual job, I make decent money on average (sometimes significantly more and sometimes less than the hostess job). They say if you find a job that you like 65%, it’s a keeper. I like this job 70% so there we go.

That being said, I will continue to check craigslist everyday primarily for day jobs, but hey I’m not closed off to the idea of finding another night server position if it is at all viable.

What else?

Oh, I just have a quick comment I need to air out. During line-up (pre-shift meeting) at this luxury cow meat place, which is very clearly doing well, the manager was giving all the employees this shpiel. “You need to get OFF the clock during break and as soon as you leave the floor, NO hanging around for 15 minutes. Minimum wage is high in SF ($12.25/hr) and Getting higher.” I’m paraphrasing of course, but this last part he says as if he is announcing the immanent destruction of a hurricane or something. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I’m thinking. Thank. God.! the minimum wage is at least 12.25 in this expensive ass city. If it were any lower people would seriously starve, because let me tell you most people I work with have on average 2-3 jobs, working 60-80 hours a week. And it’s still hard! How can people possibly be complaining about this? Minimum wage should be at least $15/hr, hell, even $20. How can a person be expected to move on with their life if they are never able to save any money. Damn. This man who gets manager/”wine opener” salary must have no idea what most people have to work with. Anyway.

In terms of my own dreams of going beyond I still have to return my Apostil-ized transcript to the consulate, which I plan on doing this week or next. Also its seriously getting about time to secure some Bachillerato textbooks so I can begin memorizing the last year of Spanish highschool. I also need to get a little bit more serious with my Spanish study, watching more movies and making more flashcards. Lastly, but most urgently, I really need to get a formal start on this internship article, which is due now in a week and a half. It’s amazing how patient I can be about starting homework assignments.

Peace and rain and peace.

My new wallpaper to remember the 45 minutes of rain that we got this week. It's been a good week.

My new wallpaper to remember the 45 minutes of rain that we got this week. It’s been a good week.

Maybe I can find a day job for the holidays that will fill me with magical holiday spirit. Maybe retail…


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