Ruminations, The School of Life

I  went on a bike ride today. Through the park as usual. Not as usual, however, I made a new turn and took a different route. I discovered a peaceful path above the Hellman Hollow bike trail. I flew by treetops and a young man sitting with his bike by a green lake.

The road sloped down and on I went. I lifted my hands from the hand bars as I careened down the hill. First tentatively, and then I was flying into the sight of the ocean before me. I rode all the way up the sandy sidewalk beside the beach to the Cliff House, when I momentarily paused. The fog hung so low that it engulfed the beach below; the tiny figures on the sand gradually fading into whiteness.

Down again I went, and this time I kept going straight. Across the width of the park and past the edge, the trees turned back into houses on my left. The size of the sand dunes grew on my left. Stoplight after stoplight I rode ahead, listening to the steady sound of my breathing. I looked back to see only whiteness and a stretch of road and sand.

(Note in this next part, a distinction between “work” and “job”)

Imagine yourself unbogged down by homework and grades. You’re free to do work that is meaningful to you. At your own pace on your own time. You can take a job and quit and change. You construct your own life. You don’t have to settle with any one job because there are more to be found and connections to be made, even if it takes time. Leave work at the door when the day is done. When you rest, really rest. When you become absorbed in something, really become absorbed in it. There is no curriculum weighing on your chest, slapping your wandering attention. You evaluate for yourself when you have produced quality work; no pandering to demands and expectations with insincere ramblings.

There are no medications to fix you because now you are not broken, you are just human.

No longer will petty social hierarchies obscure your view of yourself, and you will be free to see others as if a veil has been lifted from your eyes. At once you can reach out and feel the solidness of the world you have so long been restrained from.

“You are not ready, you don’t want to go there, it’s dangerous, it’s miserable”

Why have I been kept so long from this? Held at arms length, carted from bubble world to bubble world. Why have I been hustled along this narrow road of time, being chased along by dogs nipping at my heels? Were they afraid that I would step outside the outline and experience the expansiveness of time and no longer feel like I have to run away from something?

What if I cheated the education system by completing it’s requirements in a culture where school isnt designed to dominate every aspect of your my life?

What if a completion of the system’s requirements were just a byproduct of my own holistic educational project, instead of my own education just being a byproduct of the systems of requirements?

Wouldn’t that be the dream

Movie of the Post: An Angel at My Table


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