Empty Rebellion?

Apparently this is the age of conformity, the generation who grew up with helicopter parents micromanaging their children’s lives and playdates. Gone are the days where young children were allowed to freely roam the streets of their city or town. Instead, the people’s consciousness became saturated with media hysteria and fear and peer pressure to anticipate every sneeze of their offspring, and the youth have suffered. We, the feared Millennials, grew up in the age of cell phones and GPS tracking, and fear! and what a shame it is.. according to most of the older adults of previous long-forgotten times.

I have heard stories of parents once being the stern, out-of-touch, Authoritarian figures. There were generation gaps so vast, that the possibility of communication and mutual understanding was hopelessly sucked into the endless abyss. There was a fight then! A real fight. A stone pressing down upon the youth that they could throw off in an explosion of light and expression. The light was so bright hot that they etched into the world around them their identity.

So what is Rebellion, when taken not in the context of genuine resistance against systemic oppression? You know, I’m talking about privileged rebellion.
…actually, come to think of it.. maybe I’m not giving the rebels enough credit. Maybe these things are not so isolated from each other.

Because who are we to say that when something becomes commercial it is stripped of its authenticity? Why do we look down on the ravers and hippies and punks and other sub-culturists who came “late to the party”, after the style was already sold for $12.99 at Hot Topic?

Even the hipsters! Remember how the hipsters were supposed to represent an absolute rejection of consumerism, which has now become conveniently purchase-able from a forever 21 near you?

It’s about Spirit. Its about heart and soul and individuality. Its about living out of social recklessness, not social conservatism. Whatever form that takes. And most of all it’s about exorcising the Fear that has worn away our mental landscape, and finding community in that. The anxiety, the mental diseases that have become rampant in our generation.. We are the victims of pages of diagnoses from the DSM, categorizing our afflictions, defining us, and drugging us out of the truth of our own intuitions. The many pressures of good intentions squashing out the fire of our souls.

When will we find the bravery,
not only in alcohol,
not only in drugs,
not in dampening,
but in awakening!
to express ourselves, to find a voice for ourselves, to find a space for ourselves, to hold the space for others.
And how will we find the courage to not judge ourselves with such a veracity, that we become free from the prison of our own expectations for ourselves. And only then will we be prepared to accept the consequences of finding our own voice in a complicated world.


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