A day in the life

Hey what up folk its about that time I should go to sleep but instead I’m going to write about going back to school.

I’m going back to school, to an elite institution on the side of the hill of the mountains of the inlet of Great Beautiful Canada. Maybe I will become so saturated with knowledge that I will puke it out of my eyeballs and never have to work a minimum wage job again.

I’m most excited to go and feel superior to people while talking about how I don’t think I am superior to people.

The most great thing, is that I won’t be working in food service anymore. No more fucking beet salads or cappuccinos. Instead I will begin my grand forray into adulthood, by continuing to live in a way that by myself is totally financially unsustainable and requires my continued dependence on a provider (love yall tho).

I’m going to start putting my stuff in bags again, although most of it is already in bags which is kind of helpful. But its in the wrong bags! and I don’t know why I still have the same underwear from 8th grade, when I definitively do not have the same butt… But also it is about re-arranging my priorities, and re-prioritizing my arrangements. A big part of that is also deciding on and defining my image. I have spent the majority of my adolescent life onward afraid to make an intentional and personal statement with my style, and the time shrinks by by the moment. No time like the present to punch a bunch of metal in the ol’ face.

Let’s hope I don’t get sucked away and forget all this Perspective that I have gained here in the real world. It already feels farther and farther away from me. Some fucked up fever dream.


Also… I am Appreciative that I am boosted on and up out of this grind for now. It is a really good opportunity to have…


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