The triumph of the mundane

I just spent the past three days of my life writing this damn essay with my essay partner. You wouldnt think that humanities essays could or should be written by two people but here we are. The reason is also funny, its because our tutor woulnt have time to mark 20 essays by monday from now. We spent all yesterday and the day before the morning going throgh and writing writing writing and editing till I am so tired of editing that i am note going to edit this at all.

the process of writing an essay with a partner involves many emotions. There is excitement, argument, resentment when your partner makes weak intercoursing arguments becuase he hasnt read the intercoursing text closely or when he doesnt read that two page analysis you wrote when you were working for 9 intercoursing hours straight without him… frustration, disagreement, sadness, happiness, exhularation, commraderie, flow, argument and death. Then there is the final rebirth when you are sitting together and, like a stupendous pheonix, all of your scraps of conflicting ideas, sentence fragments, amorphus structure and verbal diarrhea, suddenly begin to be able to fit together. Finally you find a rhythm that works with both your strengths, and finally you build on each other work, compensating for their weaknesses. Its like the little creatures on sharks that eat the bacteria off them in a beautiful symbiotic flowing realitionship.

Then you finally get it in 2 minutes before the deadline and you are sure that you will get at least an 85 but hopefully a 90 on it because you damn well’d better.

So this is my life now. There was nothing but this. I didn’t even find the time to do my regular sit-ups and core exercises that I have to do here because I am sitting all the time and when I dont do them my back hurts. So now my back hurts as I sit at this library desk doing my work, aka paid sitting.

At least its better than the unpaid sitting.




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